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pfowolf :

I disagree, that any form of Socialism will work, or Capitalism. Karl Marx never actually mentioned either of these theoretical systems. He only talked of the current working economy. Even the best scenario, the very best economic and social system devised cannot anticipate or correct for the one variable that will tilt it into failure. That variable is Man. 

In this new millennium we must devise a new system, both social and economic to fit the needs of the time and speed of technology.  What Marx envisioned as a historical process, and Lenin, Mao and Castro (among others) ignited by revolution is already obsolete. 

We live in an era made up of social and political myth. Probably the best socio-control scenario since Ancient Rome. Bread and Circuses. Keep the masses happy and everything else will fall into place. Yet even with this, probably the results of the Military Industrial Complex as the people were warned about by the retiring Eisenhower.  Power and Money…. it controls everything, all the time. We just put a new facade on it periodically and keep the people happy. It’s easier than ever with technology today. Once the distances and time factors worked against us, now the speed of information means a better, more effective method of keeping the mass happy, and manipulating data. Truth is an illusion. Bread and Circuses keeping the Human Variable stable.



Great infographic from the latest issue of Liberation News showing the absurd contradictions of capitalism.  22 empty homes for every homeless person?  We need socialism already!

This is beautiful. I want it tattooed on my back.

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    we’re all fucked and going to hell in a hand basket.
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    We could definitely be doing better. Now I know why my economy teacher’s favorite phrase was, “Your future is bleak.” No...
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    "Capitalism works!" Yeah. Sure.
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